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We want to give our visitors an inside look of our business, plus we do actually have a GREAT informative video. We'll show you this here..on YouTube..Instagram..FaceBook..this shit's goin viral ya'll!

Bitches n Brews: Introduction. šŸ”Š(sound up for full effect)šŸ”Š. We get asked a lot, what IS Bitches n Brews? Allow us to introduce ourselves & give better clarity with every post going forward.
Hi!! I'm Mikenzie Tavenner, founder & face of Bitches n Brews - you may recognize me from our logo, yep that's me as you can see in this vid! I'm a homebrewer & leader of this movement that Bitches n Brews brings to the beer industry (more on that later). I began BNB to invite more diversity into beer & brewing, diversity of people & cultures but also diversity of craft beer, it's perception in the world & where it's accessible. I live in Utah (the Rocky Mountains are behind me, that's my front yard!) & travel the country making craft beer culture more unified across many "markets", or as we see it, through many kinds of people inclusive of all genders, races, orientations, cultures & backgrounds. Because craft beer should be inviting & fun for everyone, & the more of everyone we have together the better it is, the better everything is for all of us. Let's keep it simple & leave you here today, knowing there is much love for you here. Until tomorrow, cheers friends of the world! šŸ’™šŸ».