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Bitches n Brews

Uniting Person to Person, Business to Business -
through Craft Beer

**The face of the craft beer industry, and in fact the world, is changing - and we're at the head of the movement.** 

We've heard a lot of news lately (over the last couple of years, really) about the craft beer industry becoming oversaturated and there's just not enough market shares to go around with the overwhelming number of breweries opening doors trying to get their piece of the pie, especially in the American market with hundreds to even thousands of new breweries popping up per year since the industry began to boom with hipsters taking to the wide array of flavors and styles around 2010 thru 2017. Industry leading breweries are beginning to speak out about the decline of craft beer as we know it, and many indeed are closing doors, selling to larger corporations, or finding alternative methods of stepping away from the brewery. Meanwhile other breweries are struggling and foresee a large decline until the market eventually declines enough to go back to a level state as it was before the boom, rather than predicting more profit for the industry as popularity has risen it has become a prediction of woe and burdensome for breweries to try to make money in light of too much competition. Despite all this and the seeming inevitable decline of the craft beer industry, Bitches n Brews sees this as the precipice of EXPONENTIAL growth and opportunity for the industry. We are 100% positive that the industry is actually on the verge of enormous growth and expansion, but it's going to take a much more collaborative effort than ever tried before to see it through. The face of the craft beer industry, and in fact the world, is changing - and we're at the head of the movement. Gone are the days of advertising to this market or that market and trying to create categories for consumers, the PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN and they're sick of being categorized and separated! It is time now to unify, to create a market that is approachable and accessible to everyone, whether they be man or woman, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, European, gay, straight, trans, blue collar, white collar, NO collar, from wine country or in the hills creating moonshine, or from a background where they've never even heard of Saison Farmhouse ales vs get the point. Why is it that the market is over saturated, as it appears to be now? It isn't a problem with too many craft breweries or too many options for consumers to choose from, it is a problem with an old way of thinking! There are billions of people in this world, why are we trying so hard to maintain a small market of what we see as "beer drinkers" when we should be bringing together people, and businesses, to expand our market to much larger groups of individuals?! The market is oversaturated only because we have not reached enough people to be effective with the expanse of options we're providing, if we tap into the rest of the public that has not been brought into the fold, we will have far more consumers for the product that is being produced and in fact, create a much larger boom and broader industry than we have ever seen in the modern history of craft beer! Are you ready to unify the people, partner with more businesses, and change the face of craft beer (and in turn, the world!) to something unimagineably diverse and inclusive such as the world has never been DARING enough to do before now? What can YOU do to help? Think on this, we'll wait. And when you're ready to join us and get more information on the many ways you can partner with us, contact us and/or donate to the cause for a greater world through craft beer!


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